Tangram is a centuries old Chinese tile game.  It consists of seven geometric shapes, called Tans (a square, five triangles and a parallelogram). The objective is to reproduce particular figures using these seven shapes. This is often more difficult than it seems.
To play this on-line version, you must flip, rotate and drag the seven geometric playing pieces to exactly reproduce the image shown on the right side of the playing field. When you have mastered the 49 pre-designed patterns, you can make up your own.
Playing the Game:
  • Click and drag to move a piece.
  • Left or right click to rotate a piece by 45 degrees.
  • Click and drag with control pressed to rotate a piece freely.
  • Shift-click to flip a piece.
  • For a possible solution, click on the figure on the right. 
Selecting a Puzzle:
  • Use the listbox to select a specific puzzle to play.
  • Select "New" for a random puzzle.
  • Click "<<" for the previous puzzle. 
  • Click ">>" for the next puzzle.
  • Click "Reset" to put the  pieces back into their original position.

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