Snow Food

Edible Glacier

Make a 6 oz. package blueberry flavored gelatin following package directions. Pour into a pan. Put in refrigerator until solid (several hours). Crush about 1/2 package of chocolate wafers or chocolate sandwich cookies. Mix with one container of Cool Whip and spread over the set gelatin. This is the icy blue center of the glacier, with silty snow on top. 

Snow "Slush Cones"

Collect some freshly fallen snow and scoop it into bowls. Put a few spoonfuls of frozen juice concentrate on top, and you have your own slush snow cones. 

Snow "Ice-cream"

Collect some freshly fallen clean snow and put in a bowl. Sprinkle some sugar in, add some vanilla extract (not too much it's very strong - about 1/4 teaspoon), and milk. Slush it all together. Add just enough milk to make a nice slushy texture and add as much sugar as your parents will let you get away with! In our house we have bottles of coffee flavoring syrup in various flavors like raspberry and licorice. You can use a dash of these instead of the vanilla extract.
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