INTEL 3D Photo Cube

Insert the following javascript in the body of your html coding.  Download the compressed file, then unzip the applet program (image3dcube.class) to the same directory as your html file.

Add 6 jpg images (250 x 250 dpi) to the directory and insert/replace their names in the highlighted image areas in the coding. To link to these images, insert/replace the corresponding target URLs in the highlighted url areas in the coding. The default applet background color is white ("FFFFFF"). For a black background, replace the background value "FFFFFFF"  with "000000" and the textcolor value "000000" with "FFFFFF".

Use the mouse to control the cube's motion. A single click on a face will pause the rotation and display the corresponding still image. Another single click will restore the rotation. A double click on a face will redirect to browser to the corresponding linked URL.

<applet CODE="image3dcube.class" WIDTH="250" HEIGHT="250">
<param name="background" value="FFFFFF">
<param name="shadowcolor" value="000000">
<param name="textcolor" value="000000">
<param name="spotlight" value="no">
<param name="showlightbutton" value="no">
<param name="sleeptime" value="5">
<param name="target" value="_self">
<param name="anglestep" value="8">
<param name="mouseresponse" value="6">
<param name="zoomspeed" value="5">
<param name="image0" value="image0.jpg">
<param name="image1" value="image1.jpg">
<param name="image2" value="image2.jpg">
<param name="image3" value="image3.jpg">
<param name="image4" value="image4.jpg">
<param name="image5" value="image5.jpg">
<param name="url0" value="url0.html">
<param name="url1" value="url1.html">
<param name="url2" value="url2.html">
<param name="url3" value="url3.html">
<param name="url4" value="url4.html">
<param name="url5" value="url5.html">