The Many Faces of Polyhedrons

Left to right: A truncated icosahedron, a small rhomibcuboctahedron, and a snub dodecahedron

This is a program that Tom York wrote which allows you to interactively manipulate virtual regular polyhedrons (cube, dodecahedron, etc.) and semiregular polyhedrons (e.g. the truncated icosahedron the soccer ball shape), as well as a few others.

With it you can:

  • rotate polyhedrons by dragging with the mouse,
  • display them as wireframes or with colored faces, or with a mix of colored and transparent faces,
  • transform them into each other in various ways (e.g. by exploding a tetrahedron to get a cuboctahedron), and
  • change the colors of individual faces by (right) clicking on the faces.
This is a Windows program, written in Borland Pascal for Windows. It was originally written for Windows 3.1, but it seems to run fine under later versions of Windows. View a screenshot.

Download the Many Faces of Polyhedrons (165 kB)