Picture Block

This unusual picture block is fun to fiddle with - and you don't even need any pictures!

You will need eight wooden cubes from an old building set, which you stick together with tape. The way they're stuck is all-important, so pay attention at the back!

Start by sticking like this; four bits on the top, and one on the side. With us so far?

Good. Now flip the set of blocks over.

You'll need three more bits of tape. Stick two on the end pieces as shown. The last bit goes on the side, opposite the piece on the right in this diagram.

It's a very good idea to double-up the sticky tape, and to stick the other sides of the hinges. It'll help reinforce the block.

The block you've made flips and flops around from a slab to a cube and back again. It's quite a pleasing thing as it stands, but if you want to decorate it, read on...

You'll need six square pictures; chopped photographs (check you're not cutting anything valuable!), or pictures from a magazine reinforced with thin card are good. You could even draw your own patterns.

Cut up the pictures into little squares, and stick one on each face of your wooden cube.

As you flobble the block around (that's a technical term, by the way), you'll spot some gaps. Three rectangular gaps, to be precise.

Fill each gap with a larger, rectangular picture.

When you've finished you'll be able to display all nine images by flobbling the block about. Cool!