Build a durable model of each of the five regular polyhedra (Platonic solids) from a flattened pattern or net. The surface of each has been decorated for you with an artistic tessellation in full color. High resolution black-and-white versions of each net appear in the book Investigating Patterns: Polyhedra Pastimes by Jill Britton. The book is coordinated with a web page of appropriate Polyhedra Links.
Click on a polyhedron to access its net, then print on the heaviest weight of card stock your printer will allow. Score along the broken line segments with a darning needle or poultry lacer and a ruler as straight edge, applying minimal pressure. Cut out the net along the solid hairlines that form its perimeter. Clip the dodecahedron net along the solid hairlines that adjoin tabs. Fold backwards (unprinted side to unprinted side) on all broken line segments. Fix tabs in place with glue, keeping in mind the shape of the eventual polyhedron. To simplify closure of the last few tabs, take care to adhere to the specifications of FIRST tab and/or LAST tab where provided.

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