A clear, understandable introduction to tessellations and other geometric designs.  This guide explores elementary tessellations including: 
  • polygons
  • Escher-type tessellations
  • Islamic art designs
Provides step-by-step directions for creating tessellations and discusses the symmetries and transformations involved.  A complete resource book with hundreds of design examples. 

Grades 6-12

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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Tessellating Polygons (General)
  4. Tessellating Polygons (Specific)
  5. Symmetry and Transformation
  6. Techniques for Generating Tessellations
  7. Investigations and Applications
  8. Creating Escher-like Tessellations
  9. Dot Paper and Sketching Grids
  10. Appendix: Algebraic Analysis of Regular Polygons around a Point

  11. Glossary 

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