One of the most popular puzzles ever created was the Get Off the Earth puzzle, invented by America's premier puzzlist, Sam Loyd, in 1898. Over ten million copies of the puzzle were produced.

The puzzle shows a number of Chinese warriors around the rim of a circular piece of cardboard fastened at the center to a larger piece of cardboard so it can be turned. Part of each warrior is inside the circle and part is outside. When the disk is rotated from its initial position to its second position, one warrior disappears! The challenge is to explain how this "disappearing act" works.

Download the graphic below or the higher resolution file getoffearth.pdf. The latter will Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. Print on lightweight card stock. Cut out the second figure of the two figures. Place the disk so that the arrow points N.E. and count the warriors. Then turn the disk so that arrow points NW and count again. Where did the missing warrior go?
To celebrate 110 years since Sam Loyd  received a patent for his Get Off the Earth puzzle, a Commemorative Edition has been created using Loyd's original artwork. This edition is an exact working replica of the one released in 1896. The link contains details as well as purchase information.

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