Folding & Unfolding Cubes

Plate 1

 Plate 2


 Play Time!!!!

multi facets
versatile and representing many different things
-- from simple sketches, to the unlimited universe.
By folding and unfolding cubes,
exploring the multi-media space,
we learn to appreciate beautiful things
such as flower, apple and gravity,
drawings and paintings,
concept of a home and the planets,
to observe information with our sharper eyes,
touching our hearts with all kinds of messages,
or let the imagination wonder
like a fish in a red sea
or a dream like perspective
that has a big black vanishing plane
or just a blue screen for anything you want them to be.......
see how the cubes fold and unfold
in a continuous changing pattern of color and images!!!

 Ellen Yi-Luen Do, 020698

Inspired by "Mathematical Curiosities", Gerald Jenkins and Anne Wild, Tarquin Publications, 1989, England.