Show students how to use TesselMania! and its paint features, including pixel editing, to explore mathematics using recognizable tessellating shapes, quilts, and Islamic tillings.  Accompanying disks give examples, including original student art, for your students to explore and modify.  Explorations with TesselMania! also contains "What You Learned?" sections that require a written and graphic explanation of what is explored in each activity.  [Note: Discontinued TesselMania! software is required to use the disks.]

Grades 5-12

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    1. Introduction with TesselMania!
        1. Introducing TesselMania!
        2. Quadrilaterals and Translation
        3. Modifying a Tile Outline
        4. Hexagons and Translation
        5. Triangles and Midpoint Rotation
        6. Quadrilaterals and Midpoint Rotation
        7. Quadrilaterals and Vertex Rotations
        8. Hexagons and Vertex Rotation
        9. Quadrilaterals and Glide Reflection
        10. Translation and Midpoint Rotation
        11. Glide Reflection and Translation
        12. Glide Reflection and Midpoint Rotation
        13. Classifying Tiles
    2. Exploring TesselMania!'s Paint Tools
        1. Color Pairs and Triplets
        2. Classic Drawing Tools
        3. Pixel Perfect
        4. Other tools
    3. Creating Tessellating Art
        1. A Step-by-Step Construction
        2. A Tessellation Slide Show
    4. Reverse engineering
        1. Reconstructing Tessellating Art
    5. TesselMania! and Quilt Design
        1. Creating a Quiltlike Tessellation
        2. Quilt Blocks and Vertex Rotation
        3. Experimenting with Color and Pattern
    6. Islamic Art Designs
        1. Hexagonal Star Designs
        2. Octagonal Star Designs

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