A modern day practical art form which features circular symmetry is hubs on car wheels. Some of these appear very modern, but they are based on very traditional ideas.

The rarest type of symmetry found in typical car wheel hubs is 3-fold. This example has an even rarer feature in that it does not show any of the nuts that hold the wheel to its axle:

 Almost as rare is 4-fold symmetry. This one also does not show the nuts:

This is another one with 4-fold symmetry. It is a simple reflective symmetry with the nuts in a recess forming part of the design: 

This one uses a very simple 7-fold symmetry, but notice how the nuts are placed with 4-fold symmetry. This destroys the smooth elegance of the design:

However, when the symmetry is more complex, and also has a handedness, the discrepancy with the 4-fold symmetry of the nuts is not as pronounced:

However, the 4-fold symmetry of the nuts in this example with 14-fold symmetry and a handedness does not look right. Even though it is not obvious that there is 14-fold symmetry without counting, the brain instinctly knows that the two do not match:

With more complex designs, 14-fold symmetry is quite common:

This example has a 15-fold symmetry, and reflective elements. It is reminiscent of the spokes on a bicycle wheel:

This 15-fold one is much more interesting because it has a handedness and streamlines that give an impression of speed:

In this final example, the designer has been more adventurous and even had the bright idea of balancing a 5-fold symmetry of the nuts with the 10-fold symmetry of the main design. This creates an intricate but appealing design: