Cracker Jack's 2-Face Stickers

2-Face Sticker2-Face Sticker2-Face Sticker

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These self-adhesive stickers from the early 1970's were created by artist John Craig for the Makatoy Company, a Cracker Jack prize supplier. John, who designed several Cracker Jack prize series, was the featured banquet speaker at the fourth annual Cracker Jack Collectors Association convention held in Minneapolis in June 1998.

Though these prizes are labeled "Cracker Jack's 2-Face Stickers" on the back, they are often referred to as "Upside Down Faces." The series number is on the back of each prize: Item Z-1377. Although 24 different designs were originally submitted, only 20 were actually produced.

Peter  Newell's  Topsys and Turvys

John's inspiration for the stickers came from Peter Newell's Topsys & Turvys, published in 1893. Every page of the book has a picture that can be viewed upside down or right side up, with accompanying humorous verse. Even the book's covers are topsy turvys. Other clever books by Newell include Topsys & Turvys - Number 2 (1894), The Hole Book (1908), The Rocket Book (1912), and The Slant Book (1910).

Faces' Ooh-La-La

John Craig's works have been published in several major magazines, such as Newsweek. In addition, he designed the covers for Rod Stewart's Every Picture Tells a Story and Never a Dull Moment albums and Faces' Ooh-La-La shown above, among others. The original Faces album is a mechanical; manipulating the top of the album cover results in the man's eyes moving and his mouth opening. More recently, John created the cover below for the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

John also created the illustrations for the wonderful miniature pop-up book, The Poetry of Friendship, edited by William King and published by Running Press in 1995.

The Poetry of Friendship

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