Making a Chinese Ring Puzzle

A Chinese ring puzzle originally has 9 rings.  However, to unlock those rings, we need a lot of time.  So in this web-page, a puzzle which only consists of 5 rings will be made.   It is believed that once you can solve a 5-ring puzzle, you will understand the algorithm to solve the original puzzle.
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6 3/4 inch brass rings
5 pieces of 3-inch wire
1 piece of 15-inch wire

a pair of pliers
a ruler

step1_l.jpg (9611 bytes)

Step 1

Make a hook with the pliers on one end of the 3-inch wire.

step2_l.jpg (10720 bytes)

Step 2

Put one ring onto the hook.  Close the gap with the pliers.

step3_l.jpg (18410 bytes)

Step 3

Make 4 more in the same way.

step4_l.jpg (17585 bytes)

Step 4

Make a longer hook at the other end.  The length from the bottom of the ring to the bottom of the hook should be about 2 inches.  Repeat for the other 4.

step5_l.jpg (10952 bytes)

Step 5

Using the sixth ring as the base, put the hook of the fifth ring into the sixth ring and close the gap with the pliers.

step6_l.jpg (10543 bytes)

Step 6

Repeat with the fourth ring, making sure to pass the wire through the ring of the fifth, connecting it to the sixth ring and closing the gap.

step7_l.jpg (11663 bytes)

Step 7

Repeat with the third ring but making sure to pass the wire through the ring of the fourth avoiding passing through the fifth ring.

step8_l.jpg (21755 bytes)

Step 8

Do the same to the second and first.

step9_l.jpg (11153 bytes)

Step 9

Take the 15-inch wire and bend it in half.  Push the two ends of the wire through the 5 rings.  Make sure the wire of the rings is between the 2 ends of the 15-inch wire.

stepa_l.jpg (16343 bytes)

Step 10

Bend the wire into a T-shape so that the verticals measure 4 inches from base to top.

stepb_l.jpg (11616 bytes)

Step 11

Bend the arms of the T so that they form a sword shape.

stepc_l.jpg (11192 bytes)

Step 12

Secure the ends.

stepd_l.jpg (12448 bytes)

Step 13

Bend back the ends with the pliers to avoid sharpness.

stepe_l.jpg (18629 bytes)


The objective of this game is to "pull" the "sword" out of the rings.

Click here to download the solution

Original page by  LEUNG CHI KIT