Butterfly Ball

Kenneth Kawamura's butterfly ball is a deceptive action model.  Assembled from twelve water bomb bases, it forms a complex and pleasing geometric shape known as a cubohemioctahedron (a cuboctahedron with tetrahedral cavities).  The assembly is stable when resting on a surface.  However toss it in the air and give it a light smack to see it explode into a cloud of butterflies which flutter prettily to earth.  For this reason, it is also referred to as a butterfly bomb.

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Try making the model using one of these Squares by Lar deSouza.
Download a sheet of four Butterfly Squares.  If using Ultimate Paint to print, set width to 8 inches.

Here is a video of a butterfly ball exploding. 
Click on the size button (to the right of the volume button) for a full screen view.